17-18-19 November 2022

Lyon Eurexpo

Co-organized with


Funexpo is co-hosted by the French Federation of Funeral Directors (FFPF).

Fédération Française des Pompes FunèbresThe FFPF brings together all the professional representatives of the funeral trade, the trade press and various associations, to discuss major current issues and the future of the profession. It currently has 800 members.

Created in 1970, when the Trade Association merged with the Association of Funeral Directors, the FFPF works with all levels of government to defend the interests of very small, small and medium-sized businesses in the funeral sector, including the French Ministries of the Interior, Health, Employment etc.

The FFPF is a member of CNOF, the National Council of Funeral Operations, as well as CPNFP, the National Parity Commission for Employment and Training in the Funeral Sector.
The FFPF keeps businesses updated on the latest developments and reaches out to its members by organising regular regional meetings.

Finally, each member of the FFPF has 24/7 access to the Intranet website created for them, which provides up-to-date versions of all necessary documents.